Your Support

Your support is key to our success!


Hello my Friend.  I am running for School Board and my focus is on Performance.  I will be working to get

Teacher Assistants back into our schools and reducing our classroom sizes so teachers can actually teach.  

I believe that Strong Foundations create Strong Futures for our kids.  That’s why I will also be will working to provide in school tutoring for children that could use the extra personal attention, and expanding the offerings of our AP and IB programs. 

As a School Board member budgets and dollars are key to my efforts.  My professional experience is in Process Improvements and creating efficiencies.  This means my projects and drive to increase support/pay for our teachers will be funded through our existing budget, not tax payer increases.   

My next directive is to rebuild the relationship and trust with our County Commissioners.  As one of the main funding sources of our schools, this relationship is very important and it is currently at an all time low.  In life, in school, and on the CMS Board, relationships are built on trust and communication.  I have been married to my wonderful wife for over 20 years.  I know about trust and building strong relationships.  

Please support me now with your Endorsement and in the election on November 7th as I support our kids.  


I am committed to Every Kid in Every School and I thank you for your Support!