About Jim Peterson

My name is Jim Peterson.

I am your candidate for Mecklenburg County School Board district 5

I have been referred to as The Change Agent for CMS.  If you are ready to finally see something get done in CMS, then vote for me.  I have the same pain points and the same struggles you have within CMS because I am the only candidate in District 5 with actual Skin in the Game and kids in the system.  My professional experience is in Process Improvements and finding / fixing Operational Efficiencies in large budgets and large organizations   My skills are desperately needed on our CMS Board and I am the candidate with an actual posted Game Plan!

As a quick introduction into my background,  I wanted to let you know that I grew up in Charlotte and have lived here most of my life.  I am very familiar with the Charlotte Mecklenburg School system since I have not only attended it myself but I have also chosen the CMS system for my own children.  I have been married to my wonderful wife for over 20 years and I love spending time with my family.  God has blessed me with my health, my family, and hopefully this opportunity to serve you.  The key thing I would want you to know about me and my time on the School Board, is that I am committed to helping Every Kid in Every School.  I understand that is a big statement but I hope you understand that it is my goal.  It will drive my decisions over the next four years.  One of my priorities in serving is to help our children who are currently slipping through the cracks.  While on the surface they may appear to be surviving, what we often miss is that they are actually kicking furiously to simply keeping moving forward.  I will help them fill those struggles and find more stable ground.  

My other focuses are on reducing classroom sizes, increasing teacher pay, reestablishing a priority on foundational Math and Reading skills, bringing back Teacher Assistants, and a few other items that are all based around increasing the performance of all of our schools for all of our kids.

My ask of you is simply to help when casting your vote this November.  Please remember me, Jim Peterson as I remember my promise to you.  God Bless and Thank you!

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Jim Peterson - “The Agent of Change for our CMS Parents and Teachers!” ...

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Jim Peterson - “The Agent of Change for our CMS Parents and Teachers!” ...

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Jim Peterson 4 School Board
CMS Ivory Tower view vs details

Most of our School Board members and other candidates look at issues from the 30,000 foot view. The proverbial Ivory Tower. They are missing most of the issues that parents and teachers are experiencing every day. My professional experience is in Process Improvements and finding / fixing Operational Efficiencies in large organizations and multimillion dollar budgets. I actually pay attention to the details.

My skills are desperately needed on our school board so that we can start addressing the hundreds of issues currently impacting our teachers, students, and parents. I am also one of those parents with 3 children coming up though the CMS system. I experience most of those ground level pain points myself which is why I am running for school board to ensure someone will actually fix them this time around. Neither of my opponents have children in CMS. By the time my oldest through the youngest get through the system I will have 24 consecutive years in CMS. I definitely have skin in this game.

I also know how to find dollars in budgets and I know how to do more with less which is a skill desperately needed on our board. My skills are unique to this board and the field of candidates. Dr Wilcox and many other senior leaders have already acknowledged that the CMS organization is top heavy. I believe restructuring those layers and applying the savings / dollars back down to ground operating levels of CMS is absolutely needed. Those dollars will support my posted Game Plan and fundamental goal of getting teachers more time with their students. CMS has hundreds of Fail Points that the Board and previous Superintendents just didn’t seem to want to address. I am addressing them and I will be doing it within the bounds of our budget.

See my Game Plan and website for further details and ideas:

Jim Peterson - The Right Choice for CMS

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The Jim Peterson 4 Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Board of Education Difference ...

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